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Disabilities do not stop them from providing for themselves and their family

Aina Idriena Osman

Aina Idriena Osman

UUM News Reporter

SELANGOR: Despite being men with disabilities, they are trying to best to support their family.

A single father of three in Bangi, Selangor, is determined to support his children with the little money he has, despite having to move around with the help of crutches.

After a motorcycle accident in 2019, Mohd Nazri Abd Aziz, 44, said he was unable to work because he needed crutches to walk.

I used to work as a security guard, but I had to leave because I can hardly move due to the damage my left femur sustained in the accident.

Nazri claims that he is currently supporting his children through contributions and a monthly allowance from the Social Welfare Department of about RM800.

“I am thankful that my friendly neighbours are willingly to share eggs, raw fish, or sardines with me so that I can feed my kids,” he continued.

Nor Aisyah Zulaikha, seven, and Muhammad Adam Muqri, five, both of whom are with his ex-wife as well as a child he adopted before the tragedy, named Siti Khodijah Abd Latif, 11, are currently in Nazri’s care.

Nazri expressed his optimism that he will eventually recuperate and be able to return to work.

After his wife passed away early this year, a widower from Batu Karau, Perak, was compelled to become self-sufficient in order to survive.

Despite having hearing loss and persistent fuzzy vision, Abd Majib Awang, 56, claimed he does odd works around his Kampung Klian Chini home in order to support himself after the death of his wife.

“I do works like rubber trapping, farm work, and sand transportation for roughly RM30 a day, which is just hardly enough money to cover my daily expenditures.”

Majib claimed that because of his timidity, he has not yet requested any monthly support from any organization, but he still has hope of eventually obtaining a permanent job.

“I’d like to work as a security guard nearby if it’s possible, but I’ll also accept working as a cleaner, whether it’s at a school, bank, or business,” he added.