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Dozens of Monks Making The Cross-Country Trek Have Reached The Destination, Borobudur Temple

MAGELANG, INDONESIA – On Tuesday, 30 May 2023, dozens of monks reached their destination, Magelang, Indonesia, after traveling about 2,600 kilometers in three months from Thailand across Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. 

The streets were crowded with people who enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of 32 monks from Thailand. It is estimated that the local residents who were present to welcome the arrival of the monks numbered in the thousands. 

The monks walking near the road in Magelang.

According to @Magelang on their Instagram account, the local residents are excited about this welcome and view this as a form of tolerance of religion. There were also a number of officers from the ranks of the police, the Indonesian National Army, and mass organizations who helped guard the monks.

This journey is a Tudhong ritual to commemorate and celebrate Vesak Day which will be celebrated on 4 June at Borobudur temple, Magelang City.

It is known that initially, the monks walked from Thailand to Malaysia and Singapore, then continued by taking a ferry to Batam, and Riau, and continued by taking an airplane to Jakarta.

From Jakarta, they immediately walked to Borobudur Temple located in Magelang, by passing through various provinces from DKI Jakarta, West Java to Central Java.

They get the food along the journey.

After a long journey, the monks arrived in Magelang today and spent the night at the Liong Hok Bio Temple in Magelang City.

Before heading to Borobudur Temple for the Vesak Triumph celebration, the monks are practicing the ‘Pindapata’ tradition along Jalan Pemuda (Chinatown) Magelang City, Wednesday, 31 May 2023.

‘Pindapata’ is known as part of a series of activities leading up to the Vesak celebration which has the meaning of ‘charity’. The monks walk along the street in Pemuda Chinatown carrying empty pots that will be filled with alms such as money, food, and drinks from residents.

After the whole activity, they were spending time resting and staying at the Liong Hok Bio temple, before finally departing for Borobudur Temple.