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Flipper Zero Being Banned From Amazon

First and foremost, WHAT IS FLIPPER ZERO? A Flipper Zero has the appearance of a children’s toy, with a white and orange exterior and a picture of a dolphin on the top of the screen.

The tool, however, can also be used to open garage doors, unlock car doors, change gas station price signs, intercept Bluetooth signals, and even gain access to a computer. Flipper Zero has access to keyless entry codes, which are typically protected by RFID-controlled locks.

Flipper Zero Model (Image Source: Kickstarter)

Due to claims that Pinball Zero devices can be used to steal bank card information, Amazon does not allow them to be sold there.

The device itself has been moved to the device category, and the links to the device have simply been disabled. Pinball Zero’s sellers have already been informed. “restricted”. It has been established that this object is a card-scanning gadget.

A message stating that it is against Amazon’s policy to sell or include card-skimming devices was sent to one of the Pinball Zero Amazon sellers. Skimming is the practice of stealing bank card numbers with the aim of later withdrawing cash from an account connected to the card.

Card-skimming devices are listed alongside key duplication tools and shoplifting tools like sensormatic detachers under the restricted product category “Lock Picking & Theft Devices” on the Amazon Seller Central website. Some links that once led to Flipper Zero tool sales pages on Amazon are currently broken and show an error message.

Several websites display “Unavailable” errors while others display “Sorry, we couldn’t find that page.” Please give it another go or visit Amazon’s home page. ” The only items that come up when looking for a Flipper Zero on Amazon are accessories like silicone cases, screen guards, and WiFi Devboards.

It has been established that this object is a card-scanning gadget. According to a message sent to a single Amazon seller (and obtained by BleepingComputer) confirming the removal of a Flipper Zero sell page from Amazon’s catalog,

Flipper Zero Ban Notification From Amazon Administration (Image Source: bleepingcomputer)

“Amazon policy prohibits the sale or listing of card skimming devices.”

“You are responsible for making sure that the goods you sell abide by all relevant laws, regulations, and Amazon policies. This action had to be taken because this product cannot be sold on Amazon.com.

Additionally, the company informed Flipper Zero sellers that if they did not review all of their other listings and remove any other restricted products within 48 hours, their accounts would be deactivated.

Component That Contain Inside Flipper Zero (Image Source: Flipper Zero.one)

Keep in mind that the Flipper Zero is a compact, programmable tool that can be used to test a range of hardware and electronic gadgets. In actuality, it is a portable multi-tool for hackers, equipped with features like a 433/868 MHz radio module for interacting with the Internet of Things components, an infrared port for home appliances, a radio signal analyzer for working with irradiated protocols, a USB type-C interface for simulating peripheral devices, Bluetooth and RFID modules, and more.

The Flipper Zero is still available for $169 directly from the company’s website even though it is no longer listed on Amazon. Alex Kulagin (COO & Founder of Flipper Devices) acknowledged in an interview with WIRED that the devices might be harmful but added, “That is not Flipper’s fault.” He continued, “There are evil people out there, and they can use any computer to do evil things. We do not intend to violate any laws.