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France Goes To Quarterfinal On World Cup 2022 After Beating Poland 3-1 In Round of 16

France has ensured their place in the quarterfinal after beating Poland 3-1 in the round of 16.

The winning of France contributed to Giroud’s goal and Mbappe’s brace.

Giroud and Mbappe [433]

The first goal by Giroud occurred just before halftime, after collecting a through pass from Mbappe. And, because of this goal, Giroud has surpassed Thiery Henry goal for France (51 goals) and made Giroud become France’s all-time top scorer with 52 goals.

Giroud celebration after scored [Ebrahim Noroozi/AP]

The second goal and third goals of France were created by Mbappe with his top finishing. These two goals also made him collect 9 world cup goals and break Pele’s record of seven World Cup goals scored before 24 years of age.

Goal by Mbappe and his celebration [FIFA World Cup]
Mbappe and Pele took a photo together [433]

The last goal goes to Poland Lewandowski’s goal after converting a second chance penalty after he missed the first one. The second chance was given because Lloris came off the line.

The moment before Lewandowski scored on penalty [Justin Setterfield/Getty Images]

After the match, Mbappe received the achievement as MOTM (Man of The Match) and was asked about his goal, and the chance to get the Golden Boot – awarded to the tournament’s top scorer – was one of his aims in Qatar.

“The only objective for me is to win the World Cup, now to win the next game, the quarterfinal, is the most important thing,” he said.

“That’s what I dream, the only thing I dream is this. For that I came here, I came to win this World Cup”.

“I didn’t come here to win the Golden Ball or the Golden Boot. If I win it, of course, I’m going to be happy, but that’s not why I am here. I’m here to win and I’m here to help the French national team.”

Deschamps also said after the match “It was not easy as this Polish side was very well set up,” he said. “We always have this ability to find a way, though, Kylian, he has the ability to solve many issues which is great for us.

We have been united since the start and obviously reaching the quarterfinals is very good. Our joy is shared. We have a bit more time now so will spend some time with our loved ones and families – as was planned.”