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Indonesia : Sumeru Volcano show unstable state and reached dangerous level towards locals people.

Lukman Hakim Mohshen

Lukman Hakim Mohshen

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The picture above shows people starting to evacuate away from the volcano.

JAKARTA – The news shocked the people around the area of the island of Java where there was a volcanic eruption on Sunday (Dec 4 ) that began spewing thick smoke and ash almost to the entire population area.

National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) spokesperson, Abdul Muhari reported that changes in monsoon winds resulted in rains that eroded the dome of the 12,060-foot-high volcano.

Authorities have ordered residents to evacuate immediately to a safer place. A total of 1,979 people have been successfully transferred to 11 shelters provided by the authorities.

Most of the access roads in and out have experienced difficulties and caused the roads to be closed since the morning and now the visibility is starting to decrease due to the thick smoke of the volcano.

This natural disaster started at 2.46 am local time. The search and rescue work process continues to be carried out by the responsible party and continues until the night

Due to the eruption of the volcano, a large-scale earthquake has resulted in the death of more than 300 people located 642 KM from where Mount Sumeru erupted.

Magma started to spilled out and covered the whole area around it

“There will be a bigger volume of magma started to harden on the ground compared with previous eruption incidents in years 2021 and 2020,” said Hendra Gunawan the representative, ‘Pusat Vulkanologi dan Mitasi Bencana’ ( PVMBG).

local residents are advised to always be alert to any instructions issued by the authorities

Magma and hot smoke started to concern the surrounding residents

Based on the Japanese Meteorological Agency, the smoke that was released almost reached a height of 15 KM which is likely to cause a tsunami afterward.