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Indonesia’s First Panoramic Train: A Combo Package between Experience and Luxury

JAKARTA: Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI) launched a new train with luxury facilities namely Panoramic Train, which will operate until January 8, 2023 from Gambir to Yogyakarta.

KAI Public Relations Manager for Yogyakarta Operation Region, Franoto Wibowo mentioned, the additional Taksaka train coupled with the panoramic train carriage will run during the Christmas and New Year holiday period, from December 24 until January 8, 2023.

46 seats capacity with a futuristic design is an innovation from PT KAI which offers a panoramic glass roof with a square pattern (emerald panoramic roof) that extends from front to back which can be opened and closed automatically.

“This will be the first panoramic train in Indonesia that provides special specifications to see panoramas while enjoying the scenery along the way,” said KAI’s VP Public Relations, Joni Martinus, quoting from KAI’s official website.

Passengers will be served with beautiful views and comfortable seats that can be rotated to face the windows. Window curtains can also be controlled by the passengers remotely.

In addition, luxury facilities such as spacious toilets with automatic sensors, a television on the end wall of the train, and a special luggage rack at the end of the train will be found on this panoramic train. Free food, drinks, snacks are also provided to passengers during the trip.

Currently, KAI has a total of two Panoramic Train units. In the future, it is possible that KAI will add Panoramic Trains to various series and KAI will continue to make improvements.

“Panoramic Train is a form of KAI innovation to improve services, especially during the Christmas and New Year Transportation period.

“The public has more choices of travel classes according to the tariff and service,” one of the KAI said.

To get the experience and luxury of a panoramic train, normal ticket prices from Jakarta to Yogyakarta trips start at Rp. 1000,000 per passenger.

Before officially starting to operate, the panoramic train had passed various tests and was certified by the Railway Testing Team of the Ministry of Transportation’s Railway Testing Center.

The series of tests include a leak test, light intensity test, temperature test, noise test, dimensional test, design test, and air circulation test.