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Journalists and journalism are being affected by artificial intelligence

Will the use of AI in journalism signal the collapse of the world’s actual journalists?

Artificial Intelligence newscasting Image by Jordan Times

Since the development of technology, journalism has changed. We can watch, read, and listen to the news online via our phones, tablets, and laptops, making life much simpler for everyone, including journalists.

But how far will this go before it turns from advantageous to a threat to the world of journalism? Will AI be the end of journalism? and journalists examining the way technology has transformed into something very advanced due to robots as news readers, writers, and editors.

The first news reporter with AI was introduced in China in 2018. China’s Xinhua news agency used computer graphics to create the world’s first AI-powered male news anchor.

World first AI Anchor Image by CNBC

This news has become the most trending and controversial issue, as some are seeing it as something very dangerous, as people will believe anything that’s published on news channels, whether it’s true or fake.

Many people believe that AI is not good for journalism as it’s a big threat, while some agree that this is something to celebrate.

Media critic Shailaja Bajpai told DW that artificial intelligence “will unquestionably have a lasting impact on journalism in general.”

Angela Quintal said, “No doubt, elements of AI are threats to journalism and journalists”. As a member of the committee to protect journalists, She explains more about her negative thoughts about this while having a session with VOA Africa.

Robots Journalist Image by Eidosmedia

Yinka Adegoke, who is an African editor at Semafor, believes that AI in journalism is a tool that can be very useful to the journalist, believing that we “humans” are the ones that create these things, so there are no threats to this.

However, many people believe that the world’s biggest fear is “inaccurate news”, as AI will increase the dissemination of fake news and disinformation.

Many advanced countries have already started using AI robots, like China, Malaysia, India, Russia, and other countries.

A lot of AI websites are now being introduced to the world, but the best are chat GPT for solving anything and Copy.AI writes anything; Midjourney creates art; Tome App creates PowerPoint slides; and Sound Draw creates music.

AI best websites Image by Aloa

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