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Know yourself and the reality via reflection

Nordiana Shafiee

Nordiana Shafiee

UUM News Editor, Journalist

PIC by Muhammad Shamsul Shafie/UUM Today

SINTOK: “Remember, the knowledge that is acquired today is as vast as what is in the mind but the knowledge that you do not know is as vast as the universe,” said Universiti Utara Malaysia’s Pro-Chancellor, Tengku Tan Sri (Dr.) Mahaleel Tengku Ariff at the 34th UUM Convocation Ceremony on Tuesday morning.

Speaking before 638 graduands, he encouraged them to reflect on themselves in order to know themselves, and then they would be able to recognise the true reality.

“In order to excel, continuous learning should be on everyone’s mind, even if they have already entered the world of work.

“This is because the geopolitical landscape has changed and will continue to change over the next decade. The new world order has been divided into three parts namely the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European World; Russia, China, and India (BRICS World) and the World of Uncertainty.

Graduands need to reflect on themselves in order to know themselves, and then they would be able to recognise the true reality. Muhammad Shamsul Shafie/UUM Today

“We have seen the emergence of new currencies in the American Reserve and the rise of digital currencies and electronic fund transfers,” he said.

According to the him, all of this has occurred as a result of technological advancement, and the industry has faced uncertainty over the last decade.

He went on to say that technology has changed the role of middlemen in business, while also opening up millions of online business opportunities with larger markets and faster home delivery.

He stated that there have been efforts to extend human life, that robotic lawyers exist, and that scientists are getting closer to creating robotic reproduction.

“What will become of humanity? There is information everywhere. Will schools and universities continue to exist if this is the accepted truth?

“Consider the next stage of our lives. The internet is the key to new information in this new world era, and the instruction to this information is the English language and, in the future, Chinese. We do not have a choice,” the Pro-Chancellor explained.

After the ceremony, Tengku Tan Sri (Dr.) Mahaleel Tengku Ariff and Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr Haim Hilman Abdullah chatted with graduates’ families outside the Mu’adzam Shah Hall.