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Malaysia defeat Singapore for AFF Cup 2022 match at Bukit Jalil National Stadium

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia success to take the lead in the first half with 1 goal.

In the first dramatic half where both of the teams got so many chances to score but failed to score in the biggest stadium in Malaysia (Bukit Jalil).

The first score was from Darren Lok, assisted by Safawi Rasid at the end of the first half. Malaysia keep giving pressure on Singapore in the first period but did not succeed to score any goal.

As we know early in the conference, coach Malaysia Kim Pan Gon criticizes Singapore coach Takayuki Nishigaya, saying that Singapore only gonna play defense against Malaysia in the semi-final.

It is true that Singapore gives an efficient defense play, stopping many tries from Malaysian players.

At the beginning of the second half, Malaysia success to deliver one more goal through Stuart (Second from the left).

In minute 51, Stuart success to make it through assisted by Shawal. Even though Singapore keeper (Hassan Sunny) got the ball in hand but it slipped out of his hand making the score 2-0 in the second half.

The player born in 98 (Stuart Wilkin) gave a good game when he was able to score a strong goal and continue to suppress the emotions of the opponent who was already on the verge of defeat.

After a few minutes of play, Stuart gives his second goal to Malaysia taken from Singapore, showing the professional play in Infront of the goalpost.

Singapore versus Malaysia last night.

Singapore gave the best defensive play, even though they show significant rough play to prevent Malaysia from scoring any goals, but it could not stop Malaysia to move forward.

Singapore was forced to hope for their last resort to save as many goals as he could (Hassan Sunny) Their veteran keeper that play act brilliantly, even though his team could not win the match.

Singapore at the end of the second half for the semi-final versus Malaysia as host for AFF Suzuki Cup.

At the end of the match, Malaysia who sat in the green zone from the beginning come out as the winner in that semi-final match versus Singapore 4-1.

Even though Singapore giving the best defensive strategist and succeed to stop Malaysia to score goals on many tries, they could not win that game from the national team who clearly play attacking in both halves.