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NAHCON Pegs 2023 Hajj Fare Fixed At N2.8m Per Pilgrim

NIGERIA; The commission explained that the inflation rate both in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia as well as the scarcity of aviation fuel were largely responsible for the increase in the fare.

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has pegged the hajj fare of each intending pilgrim for 2023 at N2.89m.” said The Chairman of NAHCON, Zikrullah Hassan.

The cost of the hajj for each prospective pilgrim in 2023 has been estimated by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) at N2.89 million.

A picture of Nigerian pilgrims 

The admission was made on Friday by Zikrullah, who attributed the increase to the inflation rates in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

According to Hassan, there are eight price categories, with Lagos and Ogun States charging N2.99m, the highest fee, and Borno and Yobe States charging N1.99m. Compared to what was paid during the 2022 hajj, they have increased by over N300,000

Hajj fare has eight distinct prices in Nigeria. pilgrims from Maiduguri and Yola will pay 2.89 million; those from other northern states will pay 2.919 million.

Six distinct tariffs apply to the southern region of the nation: Osun State will pay N2.99 million, while Ekiti and Ondo States will pay N2.88 million. Edo State and the other states in the South-South and South East will pay N2.96 million.

“Lagos, Ogun, and Oyo will pay N2.99 million, and Cross River will pay N2.943 million, ” he added.

He said, Air Peace, Azman Air, Fly Nas, Aero Contractors, and Max Air are the airlines that have been given the go-ahead to transport pilgrims out of the states, while Arik Air and Value Jet have been given the green light to charter planes for private tour operators.
                     A picture of the chairman national hajj commission

He further stated that the Commission would shut down the portal by April 21 for those who select hajj savings plans.

They have made this decision to prevent any operation-related operations from dragging on, and May 21 will mark the first flight. Every single person who registered for the hajj this year will be taken, we promise.

Inflation rates in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, Saudi Arabia’s high cost of goods and services, and the limited supply of aviation fuel are to blame for the increase.

Furthermore, despite the official naira to dollar exchange rate increasing, we made an effort to make the ticket as low as possible while also considering the financial situation of those doing the hajj.