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OYAGSB global reach initiative

Nordiana Shafiee

Nordiana Shafiee

UUM News Editor, Journalist

By Rozita Ramli/UUM Today

YOGYAKARTA: In pursuit of internationalisation, OYAGSB recently sent two of its Resident Faculties (RFs) to partake in the Global Summer Week (GSW) 2023 organised by the Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia. The event, aptly themed Business and Economic Ethics: Imposing Morality in the Market to Build a Better World.

Prof. Dr. Zaleha Othman, Resident Faculty and Dr. Gunalan Nadarajah, Director of Alumni & Corporate Relation, OYAGSB were cordially invited by UGM to deliver lectures to a diverse audience of over fifty undergraduate and postgraduate students. Among the participants were students from Denmark, the Philippines, Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia.

The GSW is an annual event that is organised by the Faculty of Economics and Business at UGM. It serves as a flagship initiative for UGM, providing an opportunity for international students to engage with experts from various parts of the world and immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Yogyakarta during a summer programme.

The initiative encompassed various activities, such as the implementation of a student mobility programme and the organisation of a lecture series. The programme featured esteemed lecturers from the United States of America, Malaysia, and Singapore who were invited to share their expertise on the subjects of ethics and sustainability.

Prof. Dr. Zaleha delivered a lecture that focused on the implementation of ethics in fostering long-term business sustainability. The session began with a deliberation on the concept and then went on to emphasise the significance of ethics in the present business environment. She stressed the importance of prioritising sustainability and advocated for corporations to adopt an ethical business model.

She stated that it is important for students to understand the concept of ethics and how it relates to sustainable businesses. The integration of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles is necessary for businesses to progress towards achieving sustainability.

Prof. Dr. Zaleha emphasised the importance of corporations modifying their business models in order to prioritise ethical sustainability. During the lecture, students were encouraged to actively participate in an open discussion that encompassed a case study centred around ethical dilemmas. The students also actively engaged in the discussion, and the lecture concluded with a session for questions and answers.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gunalan delivered a lecture on the implementation of Business Ethics in Supply Chain Management (SCM). He provided an explanation of the correlation between ethical concepts and SCM, including procurement, planning, warehousing logistics, and information systems.

Dr. Gunalan discussed a range of ethical concerns pertaining to worker safety and health, fair compensation, discrimination, environmental impact, supply chain transparency, and quality control. He provided guidance to the enthusiastic undergraduate and postgraduate students on incorporating ethical considerations into the planning process and effectively implementing policies and guidelines that prioritise worker safety and sustainability.

Following the informative lectures delivered by both Resident Faculties (RFs), a meeting was organised by Prof. Dr. Nurwati Ashikkin Ahmad Zaluki, Deputy Dean (Academic and International) of OYAGSB, with esteemed representatives from UGM. The attendees included Dr. Gumilang Aryo Sahadewo, the Vice Dean of Cooperation and Dr. Luluk Lusiantoro, the Head of Global Relations and Mobility Office.

During the meeting, she emphasised the pivotal role of internationalisation in OYAGSB’s strategic endeavours to elevate its position as a premier business school.

She stated, “Incorporating internationalisation is intrinsic to our vision of promoting OYAGSB as a leading business school.  This concerted effort is crucial in order to enhance our standing as the eminent business school”. 

Prof. Dr. Nurwati Ashikkin reiterated that the alignment of OYAGSB with the mission and vision of Malaysian Higher Education, as well as its strong dedication to international accreditation. The school remains resolute in its pursuit to expand its internationalisation efforts by fostering partnerships with esteemed universities worldwide, with a particular focus on promoting student and staff mobility.

OYAGSB is convinced that its internationalisation initiatives will bestow abundant benefits on its students. The institution aims to make internationalisation an indomitable catalyst for transformation in today’s higher education landscape.