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Pakistan vs India Cricket match series

Baber Azam, Captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team, and Virat Kholi, Captain of the Indian Cricket Team shake hands with each other.

India and Pakistan are referred to as the sport of cricket’s “traditional enemies.” As shown by the large crowds at each game.

When it comes to the cricket match series between Pakistan and India, the World Cup and Grand Asia have become hotly contested topics. When cricket teams travel to one another’s nations to compete in matches, both nations view it as a security concern.

They felt it was unsafe to bring their teams to each other’s nations because of the unjust political and foreign ties between Pakistan and India.

Due to the existing circumstances, both nations declined to send teams to compete in the Asia Cup series in the other nation.

Prior to that, during the Asia Cup series, the Indian team declined to travel to Pakistan due to security concerns. At that time, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) held the opinion that if the Indian team hadn’t been willing to visit Pakistan, it would be difficult for the green shirts to play in the World Cup Cricket Series.

India, on the other hand, shared the same opinion and decided not to send a cricket team to the Asia Cup in Pakistan.

The Nariender Modhi stadium was designated as the site for the cricket match by the Indian Cricket Board, but Pakistan turned down the invitation on the grounds that the Indian squad hadn’t arrived during the Asia World Cup.

One of the international sports that are most popular in the Middle East and have sparked widespread personal interest is cricket.

Despite the fact that there is a difference between the two nations in the era of sports, the government could use the popularity of cricket among its citizens to promote peace and unity.