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The number of Vehicles in Indonesia in 2023 has Increased, Exceeding More Than Half Population

The number of vehicles in Indonesia is increasing from year to year, according to the Police Traffic Corps (KORLANTAS), the number of registered vehicles in Indonesia as of January 3, 2023 reached 152.5 million units.

This number is recorded to have increased when compared to 2020 with 137.1 million units.

Indonesian street picture (DataIndonesia.id)

This number also exceeds even half of Indonesia’s population with 270 million people.

According to KORLANTAS, from that number, the largest amount of a number of vehicles is on the island of Java with 91 million units, then Sumatra with 31.4 million units.

Followed by Kalimantan with 10.9 million units and Sulawesi with 4.7 million units.

While the island of Papua has 1,2 million units of registered vehicles.

Traffic jam in Indonesia (The Jakarta Post)

Motorized vehicles are still the most common type of vehicle in Indonesia with 126,9 million units or 83,27 percent of the total number of vehicles in Indonesia.

Illustration of cars in Indonesia (Rengga Sencaya)

While passenger cars amounted to 19.2 million units, freight cars were 5.7 million units.

The bus with 212,7 thousand units and special vehicles with 84,3 thousand units.