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The Police Demands KOMINFO to Block Organ Trading Site Accessed by The Murderers of 11-Year-Old Kid.

MAKASSAR (INDONESIA): The police investigated the site which trades organs after two teenagers murdered a boy in order to sell his organs.

On January 8th, an 11-year-old child named, Fadli Sadewa was kidnapped and killed. The killers, RS (18 years old) and AR (17 years old) were driven by the desire to sell their organs online to some site. It was believed to have been worth $80 to them.

Head of Subdirectorate of Cyber Team’s Sulawesi Selatan Regional Police, Adjunt Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP) Ridwan Hutagol said that the site actually focused on health information rather than unlawful or illegal material.

According to the police, the website originates from Russia and is open to all users.

“Those boys (the killers) committed the murder because they didn’t properly understand the site, causing them to act in a way that was contrary to it.” he added.

The police then proceeded to ask the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics (KOMINFO) to restrict and block the website in order to avert this tragedy from happening.