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Together, alumni and the university can create excellence

Samsudin Oli

Samsudin Oli

Journalist and Assignment Editor for UUMTV .

Translated by: Mahaliza Mahadhir (mahaliza@uum.edu.my)

Together, alumni and the university can create excellence

SINTOK- Alumni of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) need to return to campus to be together with the students and the university in order to continue fostering excellence and to rekindle their sense of nostalgia.

Deputy Home Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Shamsul Anuar Nasarah expressed his support to organise a reunion of UUM alumni on this campus. He emphasised the importance of reminiscing the beautiful, bitter and sweet moments and fostering a sense of nostalgia. Additionally, he encouraged alumni to actively contribute to their alma mater through various means, such as financial support and the development of human capital.

“Thus, systematic networking should be established to enable alumni to effectively improve the university’s competitiveness in various fields,” he said when officiating the UUM Convocation Fair or better known as PESKON on Monday night which is aptly themed ‘Alumni Homecoming’ or ‘Back to School’ to ‘Bring back Nostalgia’.

He who is also an Alumni of Master of Public Administration and Doctor of Philosophy in Development Management of this university was honoured to be invited to inaugurate the PESKON and set foot on this campus.

According to him the lively and harmonious atmosphere between students and alumni can surely propel the excellence of UUM which has turned 39 years old.

Dr Shamsul Anuar expressed optimism that the excitement of the convocation celebration, which was postponed due to COVID-19, is not only anticipated by the graduands and their families, but also by the surrounding community.

With the cooperation and teamwork of these students, hopefully the community will be motivated to work together to make the activities planned by the secretariat a success.

Among the activities carried out throughout PESKON are friendly football matches, futsal, knowledge sharing sessions between alumni and others.

In addition to the organisation of sales activities and cultural performances to entertain and attract the attention of visitors.

Meanwhile, UUM Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr Mohd Foad Sakdan when met said, the presence of alumni to inaugurate and enliven the PESKON affords them the opportunity to reminisce about nostalgia when they were pursuing their studies here.

“In addition to participating in activities throughout PESKON, the secretariat also mediates and provides opportunities for students to run businesses in accordance with the Ministry of Higher Education’s (MoHE) focus on entrepreneurship among students so that they are directly involved in the field of entrepreneurship,” he added

Therefore, the convocation fair is seen as the best platform for them to adapt in the business world and transform this university into a ‘University for the Community’.

The opening ceremony was also graced with cultural performances from the UUM Culture and Art Centre.