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VIRAL TIK-TOK! Wearing A Sweater on 3 December

What does wearing a sweater on December 3 mean? Why go viral on Tik-tok?

“Wear a sweater on December 3, 2022” has gone viral on social media and is being talked about by netizens around the world.

Some netizens broadcast videos about wearing sweaters on December 3 and trending on TikTok or For Your Page (FYP) to this day. For example, the owner of the TikTok account @ooshkra made a 7-second video on November 2, 2022, which has been watched more than 4.8 million times.

This trend went viral because the background for the video used Conan Gray’s song “Heater”.

The lyric fragment of the song has something to do with December 3, which is as follows:

I still remember the third of December

in your sweater.

You said it looked better on me than it did you.

Only if you knew how much I liked you.

For information, the song was released on YouTube in 2020 and has been watched more than 125 million times.

So what does this song have to do with wearing a sweater on December 3, 2022? This is the reason and why it is viral on TikTok.

Some TikTok users think that December 3, 2022, is the right moment to borrow or wear a boyfriend or girlfriend’s sweater.

It is based on the song. Many people also make this moment a reminder of the warm attitude of their lover to them.

Even so, this does not make December 3, 2022, national sweater day.

Even so, there are comments stating that Netizens are expected to be wise in responding to this matter so that it does not harm other people.