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World Cup 2022 : Messi and Alvarez shine thus becoming Argentina’s saviors

Lukman Hakim Mohshen

Lukman Hakim Mohshen

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A miracle moment caught when Argentina crowned win against Mighty Australia and indirectly shot Argentina into the quarter-final.

Qatar – The clash of two giants in the football match finally gave absolute victory to the team from Argentina with two against one to the team from Australia.

Argentina breathed a sigh of relief after successfully defeating Australia and has managed to occupy the 16th world rank.

Full results that prove a fierce match between the two sides

The first half started with an orderly and accurate match from both sides, the atmosphere that was initially full of focus turned into a riot when the legendary player known to the world, Lionel Messi scored the first goal as early as the 35th minute.

After that, the competition continues until the whistle signals the end of the first half of the match. The burning spirit began to be seen by all the spectators in the stadium and indirectly stimulated the players to ensure that victory was within their grasp.

The picture above shows a great fight between the players of Argentina and Australia

During the second half, not enough for the first goal, Julian Alvarez scored the second goal for the Argentine team in the 57th minute and made the Argentine team two points ahead of Australia.

The opposing team, Enzo Fernandez (Australia) managed to score on Argentina’s goal and score in the 77th minute and turned the total points into two against one for Australia

Efforts are still being continued by both sides but the result does not seem to change until the end of the match. The result ended with Argentina leading by two points compared to Australia who had one point

A highly anticipated match where group champions vs group champions

Argentina’s victory has moved up the ladder of their group and has been at the top of group C. Despite losing two straight to Saudi Arabia, Argentina has managed to secure first place after successfully defeating Poland and Mexico.

The next match between the champions of group A, the Netherlands against the champions of group C, Argentina today at 3 o’clock is sure to receive a lively reception from all corners of the world.

“Thank you for the support,” said Argentinian professional player, Lionel Messi to all the fans who were present at that time to liven up the atmosphere of the game.