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Zimbabwe’s power cuts outages effects businesses and families.

HARARE: Power cuts have grown in Zimbabwe to the extent that people are spending 18 hours without electricity per day.

The electricity is claimed to return at midnight and go very early in the morning around four AM every day.

Workers are changing their schedules to go to working place to wait for electricity so that they can carry out their production.

Big companies are even failing to meet their supply targets due to electricity shortages

The students struggling to study at home due to the electricity crisis in Zimbabwe.

According to the information we get from the community, power cuts are affecting families to a larger extent since children cannot study well due to electricity outages.

“People are now cooking with firewood in the cities at home,” the Harare residents said.

The people doing business activities without electricity in dark shops.

Power cuts are affecting trading activities since shop owners are closing very early because they can’t keep opening in the darkness.

“They are trying to use candles at the earlier time of day offset to sustain them for a while,” he added.

According to the local traders, they claim this tragedy is affecting them outstandingly since some of them feed from hand to mouth.

This is the water level of the main source of the Zimbabwean river for hydroelectricity. The crisis came as the Zambezi river authorities ordered Zimbabwe Kariba south Power station to shut down due to dangerously low water levels in the lake.

The community is keeping on insisting that is no longer safe to walk at night, the darkness will cover the whole city due to power shortages.

The experts say that the country coal -power thermal plants were supposed to help supply electricity to Zimbabwe but unfortunately, the old generators break down which forces the authorities to draw heavily in Kariba .

The country is currently producing 600 megawatts out of the 2000 megawatts needed by the country.

Zimbabwe is only allowed to generate 300 megawatts from Kariba, claims the Head of the Energy Ministry. The river authorities will continue to river levels in early January since the rainy season has started.

The information from the BBC, there is no quick solution to this electricity outage in Zimbabwe that hits communities and businesses.