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Small businesses urged to migrate to solar energy due to power outages in Zimbabwe .

HARARE , The power shortages that the country is facing needs businesses to start in solar energy as a long term solution to power cuts ,said the minister of energy and power claims.

People seating outside of the shop in darkness because of power cuts.

He encouraged small businesses to substitute electricity with solar energy to avoid doing business activities in the dark.

A small Bakery in Chitungwiza.

Solar energy is going to ensure continuous production, that is even small businesses will continue to produce their goods and services though there are power shortages.

A sole trader doing a sewing clothes business

He insists that small-scale Taylors doing their sewing activities can invest in solar so that they will not stop their business when electricity is not sufficient.

Small-scale general dealer shop.

He encourages even sole traders to invest in buying solar systems to substitute electricity so that they can continue their operation even during late hours.

They will use solar energy for lighting and energy when the supply of power is not enough like the current situation in the country now.

He urges small businesses and even houses to adapt to the current situation in the country right and shift their demand for electricity to other sources of energy, solar energy.

He proclaims that investing in solar energy is a long-term investment. They can continue solar in the next season and they will continue to use over again for a long period of time.

He also the government to set up platforms and facilities to assist businesses to acquire solar equipment to enable them to rely on the national grid.